Peter Gustav Lejeune Dirichlet

Died aged c. 54

Johann Peter Gustav Lejeune Dirichlet (German: [ləˈʒœn diʀiˈkleː]; 13 February 1805 – 5 May 1859) was a German mathematician who made deep contributions to number theory (including creating the field of analytic number theory), and to the theory of Fourier series and other topics in mathematical analysis; he is credited with being one of the first mathematicians to give the modern formal definition of a function. Although his surname is Lejeune Dirichlet, he is commonly referred to as just Dirichlet, in particular for results named after him.

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Commemorated on 2 plaques

In dem Hause, das vor der Zerstörung der Stadt Düren am 16.11.1944 auf diesem Grundstück gestanden hat, wurde am 13.2.1805 der Mathematiker Peter Gustav Lejeune Dirichlet geboren.

Weierstraße 11, Düren, Germany where they was born (1805)

P. G. Lejeune Dirichlet Mathematiker 1856 - 1859

Mühlenstr. 1, Göttingen, Germany where they was