Joseph Rank

Died aged c. 89

Joseph Rank (28 March 1854 – 13 November 1943) was the founder of Joseph Rank Limited, once one of Britain's largest Flour milling and bakery companies. He built his company into a leader in all aspects of the industry including the operation of Flour Mills, Bakeries and Retail outlets. After Rank's death in 1943 the company continued to grow under his son's stewardship before merging with Hovis MacDougall in the 1960s to form Rank Hovis McDougall (RHM).

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Commemorated on 2 plaques

The west elevation of this building incorporates part of Joseph Rank's mill (1891) designed by Alfred Gelder. Clarence Mill was important in the industrialisation of flour milling, bringing together steam power, large scale mechanisation and import of grain by water transport.

Clarence Mill, Hull, United Kingdom where they worked (1891)

In a cottage near his grandfathers mill was born Joseph Rank 1854-1943 founder of the milling firm of Joseph Rank Ltd

The windmill on Holderness Road, Hull, United Kingdom where they was