Tobias Mayer

Died aged c. 39

Tobias Mayer (17 February 1723 – 20 February 1762) was a German astronomer famous for his studies of the Moon. He was born at Marbach, in Württemberg, and brought up at Esslingen in poor circumstances. A self-taught mathematician, he earned a living by teaching mathematics while still a youth. He had already published two original geometrical works when, in 1746, he entered J. B. Homann's cartographic establishment at Nuremberg. Here he introduced many improvements in mapmaking, and gained a scientific reputation which led (in 1751) to his election to the chair of economy and mathematics at the University of Göttingen. In 1754 he became superintendent of the observatory, where he worked until his death in 1762.

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Commemorated on 3 plaques

Geburtshaus Tobias Mayer's des berühmten Astronomen geboren den 17. Februar 1723 hier gestorben am 20. Februar 1762 zu Göttingen als Prof. ord. oec. et math.

Torgasse 13, Marbach, Germany where they was born (1723)

Am 17. Februar 1723 wurde hier geboren Tobias Mayer der große Astronom; gestorben als Professor an der Universität Göttingen am 20. Februar 1762

Torgasse 13, Marbach, Germany where they was born (1723)

Tobias Mayer 1751 - 1762

Lange Geismarstr. 49, Göttingen, Germany where they was