Sir Lord Field-Marshal William Nicholson GCB

Died aged c. 73

Field Marshal William Gustavus Nicholson, 1st Baron Nicholson, (2 March 1845 – 13 September 1918) was a British Army officer who served in the Second Anglo-Afghan War, the Mahdist War, the Third Anglo-Burmese War, the Second Boer War and the First World War. He became Chief of the Imperial General Staff and was closely involved in the reorganisation of the British Army in the early years of the 20th century.

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Leeds Grammar School Was founded in 1552 by William Sheafield, chantry priest, Leeds Parish Church. It occupied this building from 1859 to 1997. Famous pupils include: John Smeaton, engineer; G. Studdert Kennedy, 'Woodbine Willie' chaplain; John Ireland, composer; Field Marshal Lord Nicholson of Roundhay. Architect: Edward Barry

Moorland Road, Leeds, United Kingdom where they attended school