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Cranbrook School is a co-educational grammar boarding and day school located in the market town of Cranbrook, Kent, England. Founded in 1518 by John Blubery for poor boys of the town, it received its royal charter from Queen Elizabeth I in 1574. Although in 1817 the town petitioned the Master of the Rolls, complaining boarders were favoured over day boys, its complaints were rejected. By 1850 the Headmaster had converted the student body to boarders. A later conflict caused the school to lose many pupils and masters, nearly causing its closure near the end of the 19th century. In the early 20th century, the school began to receive state aid and made a slow and tentative recovery. In the 1970s, Cranbrook School became co-educational and tripled its number of pupils. Selection is made of pupils at age thirteen. Cranbrook offers mid-life education. Boarding and day pupils come from a 6.2 miles (10.0 km) catchment area. The school sponsors an annual Lenten Appeal, in which students raise money for a variety of charities. The current Headmaster is John Weeds.

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Cranbrook School John Blubery (d 1518) bequeathed funds for 'a frescole howse for all the pour children of the towne' Received a charter from Queen Elizabeth I in 1574

Waterloo Road, Cranbrook, United Kingdom where it sited