Ald. Hercules Clay

Aged unknown

Commemorated on 2 plaques

Bob Harvey on Geograph
SriMesh on Wikimedia Commons

Here stood the house of Ald. Hercules Clay destroyed March 11th 1643 during the second siege of Newark by a bomb aimed at the Governor's residence. The alderman thrice dreamed of the destruction of his home, and consequently removed his family to a place of safety. As a thankoffering he bequeathed a legacy in perpetuity to benefit his poorer townsmen.

Natwest Bank, Market Place, Newark-on-Trent, United Kingdom where they lived

Pioneer Cemetery Saskatoon's first cemetery was established in 1884, a year after the community was established. It remained in use until 1909 and thereafter only for those who had already established plots. Among the gravestones still standing are those commemorating: Robert Clark, whose death in 1884 from exhaustion while fighting a prairie fire was the first in the community; Grace Fletcher, Saskatoon's first business woman and a campaigner for women's rights; Edward Meeres, who lost his life in 1888 in a blizzard in what is now the centre of Nutana. Members from many of Saskatoon's other notable pioneer families are buried here. In 1969 a number of graves were moved to Woodlawn Cemetery because of riverbank slumping.

Nutana Pioneer Cemetery, St. Henry Avenue, Saskatoon, SK, Canada where they was