Francis Lovell


Died aged c. 33

Francis Lovell, 9th Baron Lovell, 6th Baron Holand, later 1st Viscount Lovell KG (1456 – after 1488) was an English nobleman who was an ally of King Richard III of England. Sir William Catesby, Sir Richard Ratcliffe and he were Richard's closest supporters, famously called "the Cat, the Rat and Lovell our dog" in an anti-Ricardian squib. In addition to being an ally, Lovell was Richard`s best friend. A Yorkist loyalist, Lovell continued the Yorkist resistance into the early years of Henry VII's reign, but his fate is unknown after he disappeared following the final defeat of the Yorkists at the Battle of Stoke (1487).

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Francis Lovell (1454-1487) Lord of Longdendale, favourite of Richard III, his Chief Butler and Chamberlain of the household. Fought at the Battle of Bosworth on 22 August 1485 and later in an abortive uprising against Henry VII. Following the Battle of Stoke, Lovell's body was not found, but there is a tradition that in 1708 his body was discovered in a chamber at Minster Lovell, his home near Oxford. When exposed to the fresh air, the skeleton crumbled to dust.

Mottram Court House, Jackson Street, Mottram in Longdendale, United Kingdom where they was