Count Vladimir Tchertkov

Died aged c. 82

Vladimir Grigoryevich Chertkov (Russian: Влади́мир Григо́рьевич Чертко́в; also transliterated as Chertkoff, Tchertkoff, or Tschertkow (3 November [O.S. 22 October] 1854 – November 9, 1936) was the editor of the works of Leo Tolstoy, and one of the most prominent Tolstoyans. After the revolutions of 1917, Chertkov was instrumental in creating the United Council of Religious Communities and Groups, which eventually came to administer the Russian SFSR's conscientious objection program.

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Commemorated on 1 plaque

Count Vladimir Tchertkov & fellow Russian emigres established the Free Age Press & Tolstoy's works were first printed here 1900-1913

former ‘Iford Waterworks’, River Park, Iford Lane, Bournemouth, United Kingdom where they established the Free Age Press