Caroline Chisholm

woman and philanthropist

Died aged c. 69

Caroline Chisholm (30 May 1808 – 25 March 1877) was a 19th-century English humanitarian known mostly for her support of immigrant female and family welfare in Australia. She is commemorated on 16 May in the calendar of saints of the Church of England. Her path to sainthood within the Catholic Church has commenced; she had converted to Catholicism around the time of her marriage and reared her children as Catholic.

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Commemorated on 2 plaques

Caroline Chisholm 1808-1877 philanthropist 'The Emigrants' Friend' lived here

32 Charlton Place, Islington, N1, London, United Kingdom where they lived

Caroline Chisholm, 'the emigrant's friend', opened the Female Immigrants' Home on this site in 1841. During a major period of free migration Mrs Chisholm worked to improve conditions for women migrants on their arrival in the colony.

Bent Street, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia where they worked