David Theodore Nelson Williamson

Died aged c. 72

(David) Theodore Nelson Williamson (also known as D. T .N. Williamson; 15 February 1923 – 10 May 1992) was an English electronics engineer, most notable for a design of early high fidelity valve amplifier known as the Williamson amplifier, that originally featured "OSRAM" brand valves (such as KT66 "Kinkless" Tetrode and L63 triode) made by the M. O. Valve Company, for which he had worked until 1946. The design was published in a series of articles in the influential British Wireless World magazine, beginning in May 1947. He continued his interest in hi-fi and writing for Wireless World after his move to Ferranti, and became Group Director of Engineering with Rank Xerox in 1974 before retiring in 1976. He was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society (F.R.S.) in 1968.

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Commemorated on 1 plaque

Theo Williamson's House In this house lived David Theodore Nelson Williamson 1920-1992. Mechanical and Electrical Engineer. Originator of high-quality sound reproduction through his amplifier. World pioneer in the application of Numerical Control to Machine Tools which led to Computer-Aided Manufacture.

65 Gilmore Place, Edinburgh, United Kingdom where they lived