Canon Percy Dearmer

Died aged c. 69

Percival Dearmer (1867–1936), known as Percy Dearmer, was an English priest and liturgist best known as the author of The Parson's Handbook, a liturgical manual for Anglican clergy, and as editor of The English Hymnal. A lifelong socialist, he was an early advocate of the public ministry of women (but not their [[ordination of women|ordination to the priesthood) and concerned with social justice. Dearmer, with Ralph Vaughan Williams and Martin Shaw, is credited with the revival and spread of traditional and medieval English musical forms. His ideas on patterns of worship have been linked to the Arts and Crafts Movement, while Dearmer and Vaughan Williams' English Hymnal reflects the influence both of artistic and folkloric scholarship and Christian Socialism. Dearmer ended his life as a canon of Westminster Abbey, from where he ran a canteen for the unemployed.

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Percy Dearmer 1867-1936, priest and liturgist Canon of Westminster Abbey author of the Parson’s Handbook and the Oxford Book of Carols lived in Corner Lodge 1919-1923

107 Sussex Gardens, W2, London, United Kingdom where they was