Sir Francis Ronalds FRS

Died aged c. 85

Sir Francis Ronalds FRS (21 February 1788 – 8 August 1873) was an English scientist and inventor, and arguably the first electrical engineer. He was knighted for creating the first working electric telegraph over a substantial distance. In 1816 he laid an eight-mile length of iron wire between wooden frames in his mother's garden and sent pulses using electrostatic generators.

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Commemorated on 2 plaques

The first electric telegraph 8 miles long was constructed here in 1816 by Sir Francis Ronalds FRS

Coach House, 26 Upper Mall, W6, London, United Kingdom where they was

Sir Francis Ronalds 1788 - 1873 Meteorologist, inventor and pioneer of electric telegraphy Lived and worked here 1796-1813

1 Highbury Terrace, London, United Kingdom where they lived (1796-1813) and worked (1796-1813)