PS Christopher Head

Died aged unknown

The Shepherd's Bush murders, also known as the Massacre of Braybrook Street, involved the murder of three police officers in London by Harry Roberts, John Duddy, and John Witney in 1966. The officers had stopped to question the three men as they were sitting in a car on Braybrook Street, near Wormwood Scrubs prison. Roberts shot dead Temporary Detective Constable David Wombwell and Detective Sergeant Christopher Head, whilst Duddy shot dead Police Constable Geoffrey Fox. The three men went on the run, initiating a large manhunt. All three were eventually arrested and subsequently sentenced to life imprisonment. Duddy died in prison in 1981. Witney, the driver of the criminals' vehicle, was also convicted of the murders; he was released from prison in 1991 but was killed in 1999 in an unconnected incident. Roberts became one of the longest-serving prisoners in British history, serving 48 years before his controversial release in 2014. Public sympathy for the families of the victims resulted in the establishment of the Police Dependants' Trust - now amalgamated into the charity Police Care UK to assist the welfare of families of British police officers who have died in the line of duty.

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Commemorated on 1 plaque

Here fell PS Christopher Head, PC Geoffrey Fox, PC David Wombwell 12th August 1966

Braybrook Street, W12, London, United Kingdom where they fell