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Elizabeth Finn Care was established as the Distressed Gentlefolk's Aid Association in 1897 by Elizabeth Finn, aged 72, and her daughter Constance, after learning that gentlefolk – a British class description for "people of the better sort" – were living destitute. One of these gentlefolk was an 80-year-old woman, dying of cancer while barely subsisting on the declining returns from her failing investments. The obituary of Colonel W. W. Knollys after his death in 1904 claimed he was one of three founders. An example of its mission is summarised by David Aaronovitch, saying that "if the Salvation Army took the most wretched off the streets, Elizabeth Finn’s Distressed Gentlefolk’s Aid Association identified, in the downwardly mobile, a genuine and discrete kind of misery."

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Founded here by Elizabeth and Constance Finn the Distressed Gentlefolk's Aid Association on 5th May 1897

75 Brook Green, W6, London, United Kingdom where it founded