Sir Dr Thomas Stamford Raffles FRS LLD

Died aged c. 45

Sir Thomas Stamford Bingley Raffles FRS FRAS (5 July 1781 – 5 July 1826) was a British statesman who served as the Lieutenant-Governor of the British East Indies between 1811 and 1816, and Lieutenant-Governor of Bencoolen between 1818 and 1824. He is best known mainly for his founding of modern Singapore and the Straits Settlements. Raffles was heavily involved in the capture of the Indonesian island of Java from the Dutch during the Napoleonic Wars. The running of day-to-day operations on Singapore was mostly done by William Farquhar, but Raffles was the one who got all the credit. He also wrote The History of Java (1817).

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Commemorated on 2 plaques

Sir Stamford Raffles LLD FRS founder of Singapore lived here June 1825 to July 1826

Oak Cottage, Hammers Lane, NW7 4DY, London, United Kingdom where they lived (1825-1826)

On this historic site Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles first landed in Singapore on 28th January 1819 and with genius and perception changed the destiny of Singapore from an obscure fishing village to a great seaport and modern metropolis

N. Boat Quay, Singapore, Singapore where they landed (1819)