Follett Osler FRS

Died aged c. 95

Abraham Follett Osler (22 March 1808 – 26 April 1903), known as A. Follett Osler, was a pioneer in the measurement of meteorological and chronological data in Birmingham, England.

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Commemorated on 1 plaque

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Clock Tower Erected in 1885 as a gift by Follett Osler F.R.S. Height from pavement 152 ft 4in, 46.43 m. Pendulum is 15 ft, 4.57m long and weighs 4½ CWT, 228.6kg. Hour bell known as Big Brum weighs 3 tons 6 CWT, 3200kg. 159 steps to clock face level Cambridge Chime

Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery - Chamberlain Square, Birmingham, United Kingdom where they gifted (1885)