Robert Emmet

Died aged c. 25

Robert Emmet (4 March 1778 – 20 September 1803) was an Irish nationalist and Republican, orator and rebel leader. After leading an abortive rebellion against British rule in 1803 he was captured then tried and executed for high treason against the British king. He came from a wealthy Anglo-Irish Protestant family who sympathised with Irish Catholics and their lack of fair representation in Parliament. The Emmet family also sympathised with the rebel colonists in the American Revolution. While Emmet's efforts to rebel against British rule failed, his actions and speech after his conviction inspired his compatriots.

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Commemorated on 3 plaques

Robert Emmet arrested 25 August 1803 here in Palmer's House while hiding as a lodger under the assumed name of Hewitt after the aborted uprising

Harold's Cross Road, Dublin, Ireland where they was arrested (1803)

Site of Whytes Academy 1758 - 1824 Pupils here included Richard Brinsley Sheridan Thomas Moore Robert Emmet Arthur Wellesley Late Duke of Wellington.

78 - 79 Grafton St (Bewleys), Dublin, Ireland where they attended school

In the roadway opposite this table Robert Emmet died in the cause of Irish Freedom. 20th September 1803.

Thomas Street, Dublin, Ireland where they was executed (1803)