Joseph Black

Died aged c. 71

Joseph Black (16 April 1728 – 6 December 1799) was a Scottish physicist and chemist, known for his discoveries of magnesium, latent heat, specific heat, and carbon dioxide. He was Professor of Anatomy and Chemistry at the University of Glasgow for 10 years from 1756, and then Professor of Medicine and Chemistry at the University of Edinburgh from 1766, teaching and lecturing there for more than 30 years. The chemistry buildings at both the University of Edinburgh and the University of Glasgow are named after Black.

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Commemorated on 3 plaques

1728 - 1799 Joseph Black M. D. pioneer of modern chemistry. He was Lecturer in Chemistry 1756 - 1766 Professor of Anatomy and Botany 1756 - 1757 Professor of Practice of Medicine 1757 - 1766

Joseph Black Building, University Place, G12 8QQ, Glasgow, United Kingdom where they lectured (1756-1766)

Sylvan House c.1740 Joseph Black MD (1728-1799) discoverer of carbon dioxide and latent heat lived here.

, Edinburgh, United Kingdom where they lived

Professor Joseph Black (1728 - 1799). Graduate of Medicine 1754. Professor of Chemistry 1766 - 1799. Discovered the Properties of Fixed Air (Carbon Dioxide). Promoter of the Scottish Chemical Industry.

Joseph Black Building, David Brewster Road, Edinburgh, United Kingdom where they was