Mary Aikenhead

Died aged c. 71

Mother Mary Frances Aikenhead (19 January 1787 – 22 July 1858) was born in Daunt's Square off Grand Parade, Cork, Ireland. Described as one of nursing's greatest leaders, she was the founder of the Catholic religious institute, the Religious Sisters of Charity, the Sisters of Charity of Australia, and of St. Vincent's Hospital in Dublin.

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Commemorated on 2 plaques

This is where Mary Aikenhead foundress of the Irish Sisters of Charity lived from 1798 - 1812

4 Rutland Street, Cork, Ireland where they lived (1798-1812)

St. Vincents Hospital was established on this site on January 23rd, 1834 by Mary Aikenhead Foundress of the Religious Sisters of Charity The hospital was founded for the service of the sick poor of Dublin and was open to "individuals of every sect and every creed" offering to all "equal advantages and equal attention" It was resited in 1970 at Elm Park.

St. Stephens Green, Dublin, Ireland where they founded