Christopher Isherwood

Died aged c. 82

Christopher William Bradshaw Isherwood (26 August 1904 – 4 January 1986) was an Anglo-American novelist, playwright, screenwriter, autobiographer, and diarist. His best-known works include Goodbye to Berlin (1939), a semi-autobiographical novel which inspired the musical Cabaret; A Single Man (1964), adapted as a film by Tom Ford in 2009; and Christopher and His Kind (1976), a memoir which "carried him into the heart of the Gay Liberation movement".

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Hier wohnte von März 1929 bis Jan./Feb. 1933 der Englische Schriftsteller Christopher Isherwood * 26.8.1904 + 5.1.1986 Seine Romane "Lebwohl Berlin" und "Mister Norris Steigt Um" basieren auf seinen erlebnissen aus dieser zeit. Nach motiven beider Romane entstand später das musical "Cabaret".

English translation: The English writer Christopher Isherwood lived here from March 1929 to Jan/Feb 1933 * 26.8.1904-5.1.1986 His novels “Lebwohl Berlin” and “Mister Norris Steigt Um” are based on his experiences from that time. The musical “Cabaret” was later created after motifs of both novels.

Nollendorfstrasse, Berlin, Germany where they lived (1929-1933)