Sir Admiral John Ross CB RN

Died aged c. 79

Sir John Ross CB (24 June 1777 – 30 August 1856) was a Scottish Royal Navy officer and polar explorer. He was the uncle of Sir James Clark Ross, who explored the Arctic with him, and later led expeditions to Antarctica.

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uncle of James Clark Ross 1800-56

Commemorated on 1 plaque

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North West Castle. When Admiral Sir John Ross returned to his native Wigtownshire from one of his attempts to discover the seafarers' dream of a north-west passage connecting the Atlantic and the Pacific oceans, he decided to build a permanent home at Stranraer. Completed in 1820, it was known in its early days as Observatory House but later was given the name which reflected the Arctic explorer's ambitions.

Cairnryan Road, Stranraer, United Kingdom where they lived (1820-1856)