Ritz Ballroom

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Closed aged c. 10

The Ritz Ballroom in York Road, Kings Heath, Birmingham, West Midlands, was a 1960s music venue, known for the number of artists it hosted, who went on to become international successes, especially those on the roster of Brian Epstein. Operated by Joe Regan and his wife Mary, the venue used a former cinema. Acts which appeared there included The Beatles, Pink Floyd and The Rolling Stones. In March 2013, the building, by then used as shop, was destroyed by fire.

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The Ritz Ballroom was one of four music venues run in the 1950s-60s by the Irish husband & wife team Joe (Pa) & Mary (Ma) Regan. Originally the Ideal Cinema and then a billiards hall, this building was converted into the Ritz Ballroom by the Regans using wood from a previous Royal Yacht Britannia. Most of the famous 1960's pop artists appeared here including:- The Beatles on 15th Februrary 1963, The Rolling Stones on 14th September 1963, The Moody Blues on 28th March 1965, Robert Plant on 24th April 1966, The Kinks on 11th June 1966 and Pink Floyd on 16th December 1967. They were all supported by many local groups such as The Modernaires. The Regans later converted this building into a bingo hall. Joe Regan died in 2004 and Mary in 2008. The Ritz Ballroom Music Heritage Plate No. 1 July 2012

Cash Converters, York Road, Kings Heath, Birmingham, United Kingdom where it sited