John Entwistle

Died aged c. 58

John Alec Entwistle (9 October 1944 – 27 June 2002) was an English musician who was the bassist for the rock band The Who. Entwistle's music career spanned over four decades. Nicknamed "The Ox" and "Thunderfingers", he was the band's only member with formal musical training and also provided backing and occasional lead vocals. Entwistle was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a member of the Who in 1990. Renowned for his musical abilities, Entwistle's instrumental approach used pentatonic lead lines and a then-unusual treble-rich sound ("full treble, full volume"). He was voted as the greatest bassist ever in a 2011 Rolling Stone readers' poll and, in 2020, the same magazine ranked him number three in its own list of the 50 greatest bassists of all time.

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band member of The Who 1964-2002

Commemorated on 2 plaques

Live at Leeds The University Refectory is a legendary concert venue. The Who's performance here on 14 February 1970 was recorded and released as 'Live at Leeds', the most celebrated live album of its generation

Leeds University Refectory, Lifton Place, Leeds, United Kingdom where they performed (1970)

BBC Music Day 2017 #BBC Radio Gloucestershire

John Entwistle 1944-2002 Founder member and bass player with The Who. Local musician, songwriter and Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Inductee.

Royal British Legion, Gloucester, United Kingdom where they was