Kevin O'Higgins

Died aged c. 35

Kevin Christopher O'Higgins (Irish: Caoimhghín Críostóir Ó hUigín; 7 June 1892 – 10 July 1927) was an Irish politician who served as Vice-President of the Executive Council and Minister for Justice. He was part of early nationalist Sinn Féin, before going on to become a prominent member of Cumann na nGaedheal. O'Higgins established the Garda Síochána police force. His brother Thomas and nephews Tom and Michael were also elected TDs. Along with Arthur Griffith, Michael Collins and Eoin O'Duffy, O'Higgins is an important figure in Irish nationalist historiography, representing a more "conservative revolutionary" position when contrasted with republicanism. After having a role in the Irish War of Independence, he went on to defend the nascent Irish Free State, as part of the pro-Treaty side in the Irish Civil War. During this time he signed the execution orders of seventy-seven political prisoners. He was later assassinated in retaliation by an IRA unit in Booterstown, County Dublin.

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Caoimhghín ó hUigín TD agus Aire Dlí & Cirt (1892 - 1912) Kevin O'Higgins TD and Minister for Justice. Feallmharaíodh é gar don láthair seo 10.7.1927 was assassinated near this spot

Booterstown Avenue, junction with Cross Avenue, Dublin, Ireland where they was assassinated (1927)