A. J. Lewis

Aged unknown

Commemorated on 1 plaque

Texas Historical Marker #17453

Scrutchfield Cemetery. Located on two acres of the M. Boren survey of 1846, this cemetery was deeded to Bosque County for public burials by Lowry Hampton Scrutchfield in 1883. Family records indicate that Minni, the infant daughter of Daniel and Carloyn Mabray Henderson, was the first to be buried on this site. The earliest legible tombstone is that of six-month-old Alpheus C. Potts, who was born and died in 1885. Lowry H. Scrutchfield (1824-1900), his wife Nancy Proffit Scrutchfield (1835-1903) and his mother Nancy Pool Scrutchfield Roberts (1800-1839) are all interred here. The graves of Nancy Scrutchfield Roberts and A.J. Lewis, another early settler were re-interred here in the late 20th century. More than 50 identifiable graves, marked and unmarked, grace this cemetery. #17453

?, , TX, United States where they re-interred