William Turner

Died aged c. 73

William Turner (29 November 1789 – 7 August 1862) was an English painter who specialised in watercolour landscapes. He is often known as William Turner of Oxford or just Turner of Oxford to distinguish him from his contemporary, J. M. W. Turner (known as William). Many of Turner's paintings depicted the countryside around Oxford. One of his best known pictures is a view of the city of Oxford from Hinksey Hill. In 1898, the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford held a retrospective exhibition of his work. Some of his paintings are still on permanent display at the museum. In 1984, the Oxfordshire County Council presented his work in an exhibition at the Oxfordshire County Museum in Woodstock. His paintings are also held in national and international collections, for example at the Tate Gallery (London, UK), the Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York City, US) and the Dunedin Public Art Gallery (New Zealand).

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Commemorated on 2 plaques

William Turner artist, lived here 1833-1862

16 St John Street, Oxford, United Kingdom where they lived

William Turner Artist Lived here 1833-1862

, Oxford, United Kingdom where they lived (1833-1862)