Zedler's Mill

place and mill

Closed aged c. 86

Commemorated on 1 plaque

Texas Historical Marker #17124

Zedler's Mill (REPLACEMENT). John and James Meriwether and Leonidas Hardeman in 1874 built a gristmill and a sawmill at this site, with a stone dam across the San Marcos River. Bob Innes, John Orchard, J. K. Walker, and Fritz Zedler, as Luling Water Power Co., bought the mills in 1884, adding a cotton gin. A milling veteran, Zedler in 1888 bought all stock and made his eldest son his business partner. The gin soon burned and was rebuilt. Additional units were added over time. Sons Herman and Charles Zedler joined the firm in 1890. In 1888 the Zedlers began furnishing water and in 1894 electric power to the city. In time various mill units closed; operations ceased about 1960. #17124

?, Luling, TX, United States where it sited