John Crittenden Duval

Died aged c. 81

John Crittenden Duval (1816–1897) was an American writer of Texas literature. He has been noted as being the first Texas man of letters and was dubbed the "Father of Texas Literature" by J. Frank Dobie. His Early Times in Texas was initially published serially in 1867 in Burke's Weekly (Macon, Georgia) and was finally published in book form in 1892. The story, which became a Texas classic, recounted Duval's escape from the Goliad Massacre, in which his own brother Burr H. Duval was killed, as well as other tales. Another brother, Thomas Howard DuVal, was a distinguished Texas judge. The men's father, William Pope Duval, was a long-time Territorial Governor of Florida.

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Commemorated on 2 plaques

Texas Historical Marker #15228

John C. Duval. #15228

?, Freer, TX, United States where they was

Texas Historical Marker #16097

John Crittenden Duval. John Crittenden Duval, escaped the massacre March 27, 1836 and was the last survivor of Fannin's army to die. Born in Kentucky in 1816. Died in Fort Worth, Texas, January 15, 1897 #16097

?, Austin, TX, United States where they was