Pte. Henry Clay Thruston

Died aged c. 79

Commemorated on 1 plaque

Texas Historical Marker #15976

Henry Clay Thruston. Estimated to be between seven feet one inch and eight feet tall, Henry Clay Thruston became known nationally and internationally for his height. Born in South Carolina (Greenville Co.), Thruston wed Mary B. Thruston, a cousin, in 1833; they had two children. In 1861, Thruston joined the Confederate effort for the Civil War, and despite his conspicious height, was only wounded twice. By 1874, the Thrustons had moved to Titus County, purchasing land near the Daphne Community. Thruston also toured with P.T. Barnum's Circus as "The Tallest Man in the World." Seen by large crowds throughout America and in Europe, Thruston became a part of late 19th century popular culture. (2009) #15976

100 block North Edwards Avenue, Mount Pleasant, TX, United States where they was