Joseph Linscomb


Died aged c. 75

Commemorated on 2 plaques

Texas Historical Marker #11492

Linscomb Cemetery. Joseph Linscomb (1798-1873) moved from Louisiana to Texas about 1835 and served in a volunteer militia unit during the Texas Revolution. He and his family settled in Jefferson County by 1841. The area became Orange County in 1852. Linscomb deeded one acre of land for use as a family cemetery and his wife Denise (Peveto) became the first person buried here. Descendants and friends also are interred here. Still active, the cemetery contains more than 100 marked graves and some unmarked graves. The site is maintained by family members. (1997) #11492

?, Orange, TX, United States where they donated

Texas Historical Marker #15564

Linscomb, Joseph. #15564

?, Orange, TX, United States where they was