John Durang

Died aged 54

John Durang (6 January 1768 – 31 March 1822) was the first native-born American to become known as a dancer. Said to be George Washington's favorite performer, he was famous for dancing the hornpipe, a lively, jiglike solo exhibition so called because it was originally performed to music played on a woodwind instrument known as a hornpipe.

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Commemorated on 3 plaques

John Durang (1768-1822). The first American-born professional stage performer, Durang gained fame as a dancer, actor, clown, musician, acrobat, choreographer, and puppeteer. Born in Lancaster near here, he performed in the northeastern US, eventually founding his own company and a theatrical dynasty.

126 N Water St., Lancaster, PA, United States where they was born near (1768)

To the memory of John Durang first native-born American actor born within sight of this building January 6, 1768

?, Lancaster, PA, United States where they was born near (1768)

John Durang (1768-1822). Close to this spot, John Durang, first American-born professional stage performer was born. A true man of the theatre, he was an actor, dancerm puppeteer, clown, acrobat, singer, choreographer, designer, technicain, and manager. John Durang performed in Philadelphia, Baltimore, New York, and other towns. How wife Mary was also a performer, and their six children all appeared on the stage. His theatrical legacy continues with award-winning playwright Christopher Durang, a direct descendent of John Durang. The John Durang Puppet Museum, at this location, is named in his honor

Hole in the Wall Puppet Theatre, Lancaster, PA, United States where they was born near (1768)