Duke Francis Egerton

3rd Duke of Bridgewater (from 1748)

Died aged c. 67

Francis Egerton, 3rd Duke of Bridgewater (21 May 1736 – 8 March 1803), known as Lord Francis Egerton until 1748, was a British nobleman from the Egerton family. He was the youngest son of the 1st Duke. He did not marry, and the dukedom expired with him, although the earldom was inherited by a cousin, Lieutenant-General John Egerton. A pioneer of canal construction, he is famed as the "father of British inland navigation", who commissioned the Bridgewater Canal—often said to be the first true canal in Britain, and the modern world. The canal was built for him by his agent John Gilbert with advice from James Brindley to service his coal mines at Worsley, in Lancashire.

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Commemorated on 2 plaques

This Plaque, Presented by Worsley Urban District Council, Commemorates the Opening of The Bridgewater Canal from Worsley to Stretford July 17th 1761 and Records that the Canal was Planned and constructed by Francis Egerton, Third Duke of Bridgewater, John Gilbert, and James Brindley. July 16th 1961

Worsley Road, Worsley, United Kingdom where they was

Worsley The Bridgewater Canal, Completed between 1959 and 1800, was planned and constructed by Francis Egerton 1736-1803 [3rd Duke of Bridgewater] John Gilbert 1724-1795 James Brindley 1716-1772 and many unknown workers. It began the Transport Revolution and so was of major importance in the industrialisation of Britain.

Barton Road, Worsley, United Kingdom where they was