Venerable Matt Talbot

Died aged c. 69

The Venerable Matt Talbot, OFS (2 May 1856 – 7 June 1925) was an Irish ascetic revered by many Catholics for his piety, charity and mortification of the flesh. Talbot was an unskilled labourer. Though he lived alone for most of his life, Talbot did live with his mother for a time. His life would have gone unnoticed were it not for the cords and chains discovered on his body when he died suddenly on a Dublin street in 1925. Though he has not been formally recognized as a saint, Talbot may be considered a patron of men and women struggling with alcoholism. He is commemorated on 19 June.

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Commemorated on 1 plaque

Venerable Matt Talbot was born at 13 Aldborough Court on 2nd May 1856. Labourer for Christ and the hope of those suffering from addiction. Pray for us.

13 Aldborough Court, North Strand, Dublin, Ireland where they was born (1856)