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Kersal Moor This Moor was the site of the first Manchester Racecourse (c1687-1846) and the great Chartist rallies of 1838 and 1839, when over 30,000 workers met to demand the rights to vote and the reform of Parliament.

Kersal Moor, Salford, United Kingdom where it were

THE MYNDE WALL CHARTIST UPRISING In the last quarter of the twentieth century we have taken the Right to Vote for granted. This was not always so and in 1839 after the failure of petitioning the Government of the day, the men of Britain and South Wales sought to change the system through marches and demonstration - this was known as The Chartist Uprising. John Jenkins the owner of the Mynde House and Master of the Ponthir Tin Plate Works, concerned for his property, constructed the Mynde Wall in order to keep marauding demonstrators out. The wall in front of you is what remains of his efforts.

High Street, Caerleon, United Kingdom where it were