Wally Turley

Died aged unknown

Commemorated on 1 plaque

In memory of 13 members of the Air Raid Precautions and the Fire Service killed at Abbey Road Depot on the 7th September 1940. Alf Bridgeman - ARP rescue squad leader Fred Chilvers - ARP rescue squad Hugh Dicken - AFS Ted Dunn - ARP demolition squad Matthew Fenwick - ARP warden Fred Jones - ARP warden Sid Lowings - ARP light rescue squad leader George Odell - ARP rescue squad Wally Porter - ARP rescue squad Frank Swift - ARP messenger Bill Willis - ARP stretcher bearer Hugh Dicken - Auxillary Fireman Bill Long - Auxillary Fireman Wally Turley - Sub Officer West Ham Fire Brigade At the start of World War II, part of Abbey Road Depot was in use as an Air Raid Precautions Cleansing and Ambulance Station. On 7 September 1940, known as Black Saturday, the Blitz on London began. At 7.15pm the depot recieved a direct hit, thereby becoming one of the first places in West Ham to be bombed Lest We Forget

Abbey Road, Stratford, E15, London, United Kingdom where they died (1940)