Doris Leslie

woman and author

Died aged c. 91

Doris Leslie (née Oppenheim, later Lady Fergusson Hannay) (9 March 1891 – 30 May 1982), was a British novelist, historical biographer and fiction writer. She was married three times: in 1914 to John Leslie Isaacson (1889–1919); in 1930 to Reginald Vincent Cookes (1894–1948); and in 1936 to Walter Fergusson Leisrink Hannay, who was knighted in 1951 and died in 1961. Her novel Peridot Flight (1956) was serialised in 10 episodes by BBC TV in October–December 1960.

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Doris Leslie Author. Woman of the Year for Literature 1970. lived here 1973-1974

Flat 1, 9 Argyle Road, Southborough, United Kingdom where they lived (1973-1974)