Sidney Lanier

Died aged c. 39

Sidney Clopton Lanier (February 3, 1842 – September 7, 1881) was an American musician, poet and author. He served in the Confederate army, worked on a blockade running ship for which he was imprisoned (resulting in his catching tuberculosis), taught, worked at a hotel where he gave musical performances, was a church organist, and worked as a lawyer. As a poet he used dialects. He became a flautist and sold poems to publications. He eventually became a university professor and is known for his adaptation of musical meter to poetry. Many schools, other structures and two lakes are named for him.

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Sidney Lanier 1842-1881 poet, musician and scholar, "The sweet singer of the South." First writer-in-residence at Johns Hopkins University. Teacher at Eutaw Place School. Author of The Boys' King Arthur.

1404 Eutaw Place, Bolton Hill, Baltimore, MD, United States where they lived