Luis Cernuda

Died aged c. 61

Luis Cernuda Bidón (September 21, 1902 – November 5, 1963) was a Spanish poet, a member of the Generation of '27. During the Spanish Civil War, in early 1938, he went to the UK to deliver some lectures and this became the start of an exile that lasted till the end of his life. He taught in the universities of Glasgow and Cambridge before moving in 1947 to the US. In the 1950s he moved to Mexico. While he continued to write poetry, he also published wide-ranging books of critical essays, covering French, English and German as well as Spanish literature. He was frank about his homosexuality at a time when this was problematic and became something of a role model for this in Spain. His collected poems were published under the title La realidad y el deseo.

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Commemorated on 1 plaque

Era el cielo de un azul limpido y puro, glorioso de luz y de calor. Entre las copas de las palmeras, mas alla de las azoteas y gallerias blancas que coronaban el jardin. Una torre gris y ocre se erguia esbelta como el caliz de una flor Ocnos "Jardin Antiguo" A Luis Cernuda en el Centenario de su Nacimiento, Sevilla 2002

Patio de la Alcubilla - Real Alcázar, Seville, Spain where they commemorated on the centenary of his birth