Site of Cortina Battle, Dec. 27, 1859. Crushing defeat for partisan leader Juan Cortina who in late 1859 laid waste the lower Rio Grande Valley. Cortina's band of 450 were surprised here at daybreak by Maj. S. B. Heintzelman with U.S. Army troops, joined by Texas Rangers recruited by John S. ("Rip") Ford. Cortina fled to Mexico by horseback. Many of his men jumped into the Rio Grande. Regarrisoning of Ringgold barracks put end to partisan raids for a time. But with the American Civil War (1861-1865) and Cortina's rise to power in Tamaulipas, raids were renewed -- until Cortina was removed, 1875. #4762

by Texas Historical Commission #04762 of the Texas Historical Marker series

Colour: black




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