Wichita Falls Opera House. The Wichita Falls Opera Company was formed in 1908 to establish a theater in the city. The first seven directors were C. W. Bean, N. Henderson, J. L. Jackson, Frank Kell, J. A. Kemp, W. M. McGregor, and T. R. T. Orth. The project was funded by public subscription and the land for the opera house was deeded by J. A. Kemp and Anderson Bean. The building was completed the same year by the Fort Worth firm of Brown and Cramer. The first production in the new theater was the play "His Honor, The Mayor", which opened to a full house. In addition to drama, the building was also used for music festivals, concerts, ballet, traveling acts, opera, and for graduation ceremonies of the Wichita Falls High School. Celebrities appearing here during the early years included William Jennings Bryan, Anna Pavlova, Lillian Russell, Ernestine Schumann-Heink, and Evelyn Nesbitt. Later the interior was remodeled to accommodate motion pictures. Music for the early silent movies was provided by a mechanical piano. The opera house declined in popularity after the opening of the Municipal Auditorium in 1926. Later used as a wrestling arena, it was purchased by the Interstate Theaters, Inc. (1981) #5805