George Tangye - Sir Richard Tangye In grateful commemoration of - The generous and public-spirited services to their city of Sir Richard and George Tangye to whose forethought and munificence the extension & development of the Birmingham Municipal Art Gallery and School of Art are largely due wall tablet was commissioned by the City Art Gallery shortly after the death of Sir Richard Tangye (1833-1906) and was paid for by public subscription in 1908. These two well known engineering industrialists and patrons of the arts had donated £10,000 towards the provision of a new City Art Gallery in 1880 and enriched its collection up until 1906. The memorial by Colton, who was then Professor of Sculpture at the Royal Academy, cost £330 and it was unveiled on 10th December 1908. The balance of the subscription fund established an annual scholarship at the School of Art, to which the brothers had donated £10,000 in 1881. This panel is illustrated in the 1915 issue of The Studio.