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Open Plaques is a community-run website containing information about historical plaques found all around the world by people like you. We don't own it, we believe that our role is to curate it and then give the data back to the world for free. We are the museum of the street.
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Take a photo

We display multiple photos of each plaque, so you do not have to be the first. We like close-ups and also long-shots of the building that set the scene. We deliberately do not ask you to upload photos to our site. We connect and add context to existing resources on the web instead of trying to own it all ourselves. The photos that we show are published with a Creative Commons licence on web sites such as Flickr, Wikimedia and Geograph. If you want to contribute your own photograph please click on the 'Your photo how to add it' link on the plaque page.

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Add a plaque

Have you found a plaque in real life or on the internet that is not already in our database? Well, anyone can add to Open Plaques. If you don't have all the details tell us as much as you can and a plaque hunter will track it down....and no, it doesn't have to be blue. Individuals can add plaque listings and information directly to the site, and add photos to the listings via Flickr, Geograph, Wikimedia Commons, or by emailing them to us. Follow a "Your photo. How to add it" link on any plaque for more details.The service and the data are in constant development. If you know of any plaques not listed in our database (try searching the site first), we love to hear about them, or better still make your mark and add them to the website!

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Talk to us

Things do not always work; there are many edge cases for whether a plaque should be included; you have something interesting to tell us; or the system is just too confusing. When in doubt, just contact us. One of our volunteers should be able to assist.

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Does your organisation create plaques? Let's curate them together

If you are from a civic society, council, history group, or any of the hundreds of organisations who have erected plaques please get in contact and we can add details of your plaques. We will accept a list in any form, just so long as it contains who the plaque is about and a postal address. Additional information like the full inscription and geolocation are ideal but not essential.

Winston Churchill Plaque

Become a curator

Our band of curators have additional powers to curate Open Plaques' data. Generally they have added a number of plaques so understand the system a bit but now want to change some of their information. Apply to us by email.

Unveiling Edward Zeff plaque in Brighton