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The Bull's Head Hotel The present Bull's Head Hotel stands on the site of an inn of the same name from the 1690's. During the 19th century, the Gregory family was the licencee for more than 60 years, until 1893. The old inn was deemed too small (the entrance porch being just 3'9" wide) and was demolished and replaced by the present much larger building.

12 High Street, Walkden, United Kingdom

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This building first opened its doors on 8th February 1929, as the Hippodrome cinema. The 900 seat cinema also had a stage and five dressing rooms. The stage doors open on to the side street. The Hippodrome was built at a cost of £20,000 for 'March Amusements'. The letters 'MA' can still be seen at the top of the facade

Dartford Road, March, United Kingdom

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The Corn Exchange This grade I listed monument was designed by Ellis & Woodward and built by Lot Jackaman, at a cost if £7,000. It stands on the site of The Shambles (or 'market') which occupied three sides of the site. The Corn Exchange opened for business in July 1862. The floor in the hall was inserted in 1969 - and there are now shops on the ground floor

Abbeygate, Bury St Edmunds, United Kingdom

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The Montagu Pyke This is the site of the former 'Marquee Club' which closed in 1995, originally built as a cinema in 1911 by Montagu Pyke, his 16th and final cinema

105-107 Charing Cross Rd, London, United Kingdom