Berthold Auerbach

Died aged unknown

Berthold Auerbach (28 February 1812 – 8 February 1882) was a German-Jewish poet and author. He was the founder of the German "tendency novel", in which fiction is used as a means of influencing public opinion on social, political, moral, and religious questions.

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Commemorated on 1 plaque

Richter Berthold Auerbach jg. 1888 Verhaftet 10.11.1938 Sachsenhausen Deportiert 14.12.1942 Minsk Ermordet

Richter Berthold Auerbach born 1888 Verhaftet 10.11.1938 Sachsenhausen deported 14.12.1942 Minsk murdered

Magdeburger Platz 1, Mitte, Berlin, Germany where he lived