Oliver Pollock

Died aged c. 95

Oliver Pollock (1737, Bready, County Tyrone, Ireland – December 17, 1823, Pinckneyville, Mississippi) was a merchant and financier of the American Revolutionary War, of which he has long been considered a historically undervalued figure. He is often attributed with the creation of the U.S. Dollar sign in 1778.

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Commemorated on 3 plaques

Oliver Pollock 1737-1823 merchant, American patriot, credited with devising the dollar $ign born near Bready

Sollus Centre, Londonderry, United Kingdom where they was

Grave of Oliver Pollock. Pollock, an Irish merchant in Spanish New Orleans, served in that city as Commercial Agent for the Continental Congress & helped finance the American Revolution with his fortune. He died at Pinckneyville, 1832.

Episcopal Church Cemetery , Pinckneyville, MS, United States where they was buried (1832)

Oliver Pollock lived here [full inscription unknown]

400 block of Chartres Street, New Orleans, LA, United States where they lived