Francis Daniel Pastorius


Died aged c. 69

Francis Daniel Pastorius (September 26, 1651—c. 1720) was a German born educator, lawyer, poet, and public official. He was the founder of Germantown, Pennsylvania, now part of Philadelphia, the first permanent German-American settlement and the gateway for subsequent emigrants from Germany.

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Commemorated on 2 plaques

First Protest Against Slavery. Here in 1688, at the home of Tunes Kunders, an eloquent protest was written by a group of German Quakers. Signed by Pastorius and three others, it preceded by 92 years Pennsylvania's passage of the nation's first state abolition law.

5109 Germantown Ave. at Wister St., Philadelphia, PA, United States where they was

Francis Daniel Pastorius - PLAQUE. Francis Daniel Pastorius founder of Germantown, 1651-1719, built here in 1683 on a lot 102 feet front a dugout *his first American home* in which, October 25, 1683, the thirteenth original settlers of Germantown drew lots for their new homes. He placed ... (missing)

502 S. Front St. (west side, near South St.), Philadelphia, PA, United States where they was