Five-Rise Locks, Bingley

thing and canal lock flight

Aged 248

Commemorated on 2 plaques

Transport Heritage Site 'Red Wheel' #24

Bingley 'Five-Rise' Locks. Opened in 1774 to raise the Leeds & Liverpool Canal 18 metres up the Aire Valley, this is the steepest lock staircase in Britain.

Canal Road, Bingley, United Kingdom where it was

The Five-Rise Locks. Designed by John Longbotham of Halifax and built in 1774 by local stonemasons Barnabus Morvil, Jonathan Farrar, William Wild all of Bingley and John Sugden from Wilsden. The locks raise boats 59 ft. 2 ins. over a distance of 320 ft. Distance by canal to Leeds 16 miles 2 furlongs to Liverpool 111 miles. National Heritage award winner 1975.

Beck Lane, Bingley, United Kingdom where it was