Dr David Fairchild DSc

Died aged c. 85

Dr. David Grandison Fairchild, born April 7, 1869, was a horticulturist. Educated at Kansas State Agricultural College, Oberlin College, Florida State College and Kansas State University, he worked for the United States Department of Agriculture. There he established the Division of Plant Exploration and Introduction in 1898. Fairchild introduced more than 75,000 new plants to the United States for cultivation. From 1924 until his retirement, his scientific research was conducted aboard the Utowana, a vessel built as a floating laboratory. Dr. Fairchild retired to Miami in 1935, sharing knowledge with Colonel Robert Montgomery who founded the Fairchild Tropical Garden in 1938. Dr. David Grandison Fairchild died August 6, 1954.


David Grandison Fairchild (April 7, 1869 – August 6, 1954) was an American botanist and plant explorer. Fairchild was responsible for the introduction of more than 200,000 exotic plants and varieties of established crops into the United States, including soybeans, pistachios, mangos, nectarines, dates, bamboos, and flowering cherries. Certain varieties of wheat, cotton, and rice became especially economically important.

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Dr. David Grandison Fairchild [full inscription unknown]

The Kampong, 4013 Douglas Road, Coconut Grove, Miami, FL, United States where they was