Xavier Lopez Pellicer


Died aged c. 90

Xavier Lopez Pellicer was born in St. Augustine, February 8, 1900, one of nine children of Andrew Joseph and Josephine Lopez Pellicer. He attended the Rutgers School of Banking, went to work for the St. Augustine National Bank in 1919 and retired as a senior vice president in 1966. He served as president of the Rotary Club; president of the Board of Trustees of Flagler Hospital and trustee for 40 years; president and director of the St. Augustine Historical Society; president of the Florida Bankers Association and president of the Florida Forestry Association. Pellicer also served for seven years as a national director of the American Forestry Association and for three years on the Florida Board of Forestry and Parks during the term of Governor Millard Caldwell. During the restoration of the Llambias House in St. Augustine, he met Fernando Rubio of Mahon, Minorca. They were responsible for the donation of a bronze statue commemorating the Minorcans. Xavier Lopez Pellicer died in 1990.


Commemorated on 1 plaque

Xavier Lopez Pellicer

Xavier Lopez Pellicer [full inscription unknown]

Llambias House, 31 St. Francis Street, St. Augustine, FL, United States where they was