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[[File:Plaque to Simon Preston of Craigmillar, Edinburgh City center ]Chambers.jpg|thumb|300px|Plaque to Simon Preston of Craigmillar, Edinburgh City Chambers]] Simon Preston of Craigmillar (c.1510–c.1570), was Lord Provost of Edinburgh during 1565-69 and a member of the Privy Council of Scotland during the reign of Mary, Queen of Scots

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On this site stood the lodgings of Sir Simon Preston of Craigmillar, Provost of the City of Edinburgh 1566-7, in which lodging Mary Queen of Scotland after her surrender to the confederate lords at Carberry Hill, spent her last night in Edinburgh, 15 June 1567. On the following evening she was conveyed to Holyrood and thereafter to Lochleven Castle as a state prisoner.

253 High Street, Edinburgh, United Kingdom where they lived